Property management is not always easy and fun

Some frequent real estate investor issues that Realite solves for you.

Unorganized Finances

Did all tenants pay this month? Complete and on time? How many expenses do I have per property?

Incomplete Administration and Legislation

Are all of my properties' data complete? When, how, and to what extent may I index yearly? When do my contracts expire? How do I stay in Box 3?

Overdue Maintenance and Repairs

Another leaking water tap? Looking for a proper repairman once more? Or do you simply not wish to handle it yourself?

Inefficient Communication with Tenants

How can I ensure that I am accessible to my tenants, but not get contacted in the evening or on holidays?

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Realite is a complete property management system

Check out some of our functionalities.

Complete administration

Buildings, tenants, service partners and documents - everything clearly in one overview.

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Rent & Costs Tracking

Automatically keep track of incoming rent and expenses through real-time bank data.

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Incident service & Livechat

No unnecessary contact with tenants, support during repairs and answers to questions about laws and regulations.

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Contract- management

Timely reminders at expirations, automated indexing and contract rules in all forms.

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Easily exchange real estate data with your financier via Realite

Realite is one of the first programmes that makes it possible to transmit business information with real estate financiers quickly, securely, and paperlessly. These include big banks like ABN AMRO, ING, and Rabobank, as well as other real estate financiers. Soon, a growing number of financiers will want real estate data to be delivered through software suppliers such as Realite.

Want more information? Here is the article on the partnership:

Realite & SBR Tenantlist

How does Realite work?

Realite puts the client first. To serve clients with every possible convenience, we offer more than just software.

Select the Realite package and the number of objects you wish to add.

Realite facilitates the complete onboarding of your real estate into the system for a small fee.

Realite provides much more than software services. Do you require assistance with real estate purchases, an appraisal, or new tenants? Realite allows you to rapidly connect with real estate experts.

Something not functioning properly? Or do you lack functionality? Realite's support assists you in resolving issues and developing new features as rapidly as feasible.

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