Our mission

"Realite aims to enable any real estate investor or real estate investment organisation to have insight and control over its portfolio anytime, anywhere."

Our vision

"At Realite, we believe that good property management does not always have to be difficult, and can be managed by anyone with the right support."

The Realite team

Meet our people.

Profile Picture Thijn Albers
Thijn AlbersCo-founder / Software developer

+31 (0)20 241 90 40


Profile Picture Beau Carels
Beau CarelsCo-founder / Platform manager

+31 (0)6 40 217 819


Profile Picture Thijn Schippers
Thijn SchippersCo-founder / Platform manager

+31 (0)6 40 510 544


Profile Picture Philo Decroos
Philo DecroosCo-founder / Software developer

+31 (0)20 241 90 40


About Realite

For whom is Realite and how did Realite originate?

For whom is Realite?

Realite was founded out of the needs of real estate investors and real estate investment organisations. Realite offers investors in the real estate sector the opportunity to gain more insight into and control over their real estate portfolio. The Realite application enables investors to manage their real estate portfolio and execute the required actions anytime, anywhere in the world.

The Realite company

Realite was established at the end of 2019. With the team, we are developing an application that simplifies and makes the real estate process accessible. This became possible after extensive discussions and feedback rounds with real estate investors, real estate organisations, troubleshooters and tenants in the real estate industry. Realite also participated in the 'Startup and Running' competition in 2020, where Realite was chosen as the winner out of 35 participating startups.

Our Partners