Realite's Incident Service

Introducing Realite’s new incident service!  
We are delighted to announce that Realite has started a new online incident service. In the past, tenants had difficulties contacting their landlords in time and when they did, the response time was not always optimal. This caused frustration for both parties. Now, tenants are able to contact the new incident service and speak with a support agent as soon as possible. The support agent will be available for every urgent situation or repair request made by the tenant. It gives tenants fast access to external assistance if they need help at home. If there is something urgent, such as a broken door lock, or a leak in the kitchen they can call Realite’s incident service, which will help them out. The incident service brings piece of mind to landlords and a better service to the tenants. Doesn't that sound great?  
When can I reach the incident service? 
The incident service is available (24/7)* and provides a single point of entry for all incidents regarding the rental properties. It is staffed by highly trained, experienced, and accredited support agents who provide a professional and efficient incident resolution service.  
How can I reach the incident service? 
The incident service is accessible by phone and through the service portal in the Realite application. 

The service portal allows you to create an incident, report a problem and follow the progress of your incident. 

How does the incident service work and what does it cost? 
The Realite incident service is a cost-effective way to handle incoming service request in your rental business. The cost of the incident service includes a base fee of €5 per rental home. The additional cost varies between (€2.5 - €7.5 excluding VAT). We can accept your calls and make sure that the issues are properly answered; this would cost you €2.5 each time a service request is processed and delivered to you through the Realite application.You also have the option to let the incident service handle the entire process from beginning to end, including contacting the handyman and keeping track of the work. All of this can be monitored in real time within the Realite app. This will then cost you €7.5 per handled service request.  

Doing it yourself? Dealing with service requests can quickly cost you 15 minutes per call, if not 30 or 45 minutes when you must deal with multiple questions, language barriers and multiple parties involved (tenants, other owners, and handymen). So, if we charge you between (€2.5 - €7.5) per handled request, after a few calls you already have your money's worth! You are able to determine to what extend you would like to make use of the service so there is a lot of flexibility for you to customise your own service level with Realite.  
The landlords can track the status of the service requests in the application and their tenants are informed of the actions taken. The landlord may undertake the required repairs, or he may assign his own repairman. If a maintenance issue occurs in your rental property, you may be wondering if you should fix it yourself or hire a professional repairman. Some landlords decide that doing maintenance themselves is cheaper and more convenient than hiring a contractor or repairman. But what about liability for a job done wrong? And how about paying higher taxes since the tax authorities no longer believe you are just engaged in regular asset management?  

This is the risk of trying to do it yourself. If you are going to do the work yourself, make sure you know what you are doing and can get the job done right.  

Do we have your attention?  
Incident service is a win-win situation for both landlords and their tenants, it’s been introduced this year to address issues like these in the best possible way. It has been introduced as part of a brand-new digital platform that has been developed by Realite to make communication between tenants and landlords easier. The digital platform enables all parties involved to communicate quickly and effectively. Help is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, and Dutch. For more information you can reach out to us via phone, e-mail, livechat or our socials!  
Thanks for reading and we hope you are as enthusiastic as we are! 
Team Realite! 

*We have 2 different opening times; we will inform you about the possibilities after you inquire about the service.