Effortless exchange of real estate data thanks to SBR Nexus and Realite collaboration  

Sharing business data easily and securely should be a standard in the constantly growing digital economy. This also applies to real estate data. In cooperation with SBR Nexus, Realite is committed to optimizing this process as much as possible. This will be made possible with Realite's app, one of the first software apps to make the exchange of real estate data safe and faster.  

My data, my business  

Realite's free app will make it easier for real estate investors to share their data with real estate financiers. These include dutch banks such as ABN, ING and Rabobank, but also other financial parties. It also makes it easier for investors to gain insight into their portfolio, regardless of where they are located.   

Moreover, at Realite we also offer extra support during leasing processes. This includes administrative help and handling repair requests (see Incident Service). Via Realite, you can also quickly get in touch with real estate professionals.   

The new standard of data  

The 'My Data, My Business' initiative wants to make data delivery and sharing as easy as possible. This is how we can truly stimulate growth and innovation. Thanks to the cooperation between companies, government bodies, software partners and service providers, this process is supported as best as possible.  

Curious about what Realite can do for you? Read more about our product here. 

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